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If it's not a sustainable solution, it's a temporary fix. 
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Sustainable Solutions has been involved in "green" design for over 14 years. Whether they are called green, ecologically-minded, or low impact, wise design decisions should be based on viewing the house a a whole system with both loads on the environment and effects on the occupants.

We stay current on new materials, and more importantly, new methods of construction, to ensure lowered environmental impact, better indooor environments, improved durability, energy efficiency, and the aesthetics commonly associated with green or ecological building. The green-ness of a design should be more than the use of a single material, like straw bales or earth-filled tires. It is dependent on the site, the local ecology and economy, and the available resources. Green is also more than energy efficiency, though energy use is a substantial environmental impact. The owner's ability to effectively operate the home and afford to live there has to be as important as the intial construction.

Owner Michael Horowitz has been active on the VBG (Vermont Builds Greener) committee since 1999 and recently wrote a draft paper on house size and environmental impact which was critical of most green building certification programs including the USGBC's pilot of LEED for Homes (LEED-H) for not awarding smaller homes enough points for their avoidance of resource use. The USGBC has since moved in a positive direction regarding house size and its impact on the environment.

Whether you seek consultation on a few design decisions, or require an entire green home design ready for bid, we can accomodate your needs.



Homeowners who choose Sustainable Solutions should be willing to consider house size, durability, and energy issues along with space needs, aesthetics, and resale value. We do not design green mansions, nor do we design custom homes that are not consideraate of their impact on the environment and the health implications to the occupants. This may sound pretentious, but is part of a committment to design elegant, effective, and considerate housing.

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